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Retro Gaming News

Here is a list of the most recent retro gaming news published by some of the best classic gaming news sources.

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Video Interview with Dion Dakis of NeoGeoFreak

I may not be a Neo-Geo expert, but I’ve ran this site long enough to know that there’s a number of SNK fans that aren’t keen on Dion Dakis. The co-founder of NeoGeoFreak pushed the buttons of a lot of American Neo-Geo collectors with his online antics and personality. Last summer I had a trip out to Las Vegas and I worked it into my schedule to sit down with Dion Dakis for an evening and talk about the last few decades of the gaming industry. Knowing his reputation on, I wasn’t sure what to expect. On the other ... [Link] [Cache]
(Published: 10.05.2012 01:36h):

Wolfenstein 3D

Presented by Dsheinem New To Together Retro? Check out the introduction to the club For many gamers, Wolfenstein 3D is considered the game that launched the most popular genre of the last twenty years: the first person shooter. And while it can’t technically boast being the first ever FPS, Wolfenstein 3D remains one of the best loved and most influential games ever created in any genre. If you haven’t ever sat down to play it through or if you haven’t done so for some time, this month’s Together Retro timed to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the game’s release ... [Link] [Cache]
(Published: 10.05.2012 01:36h):

A very weird Famiclone of mine...

Here is a very weird Famiclone I've been using lately. Not only can you use a Master System controller on it but a Genesis one as well!! Somehow this is a fusion of Sega and Nintendo right? I hope you like. [Link] [Cache]
(Published: 09.05.2012 22:56h):

Wolfenstein 3D Celebrated

Bethesda is celebrating Wolfenstein 3D’s twentieth birthday by making the seminal classic available to play in browser form. Created by John Carmack and Jon Romero, it was not only the first example of the first-person shooter, but proved just how cutting edge PCs could be. This latest version is an excellent reproduction of the classic PC hit and is still great fun to play. To continue the celebrations, there is also an excellent Youtube video that not only features John Carmack playing through the game, but also reveals how the cutting edge game was created. If you’re a fan of ... [Link] [Cache]
(Published: 09.05.2012 15:51h):

So how are things going?

OH man you see this pic? I want a frog like this one!! I always had a thing for frogs...ahhh someday I'll have it!! This fat frog rocks!!!! Just though I would share... [Link] [Cache]
(Published: 09.05.2012 09:56h):

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