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Competitive Gaming News

Here is a list of the most recent competitive gaming news published by some of the best competitive gaming news sources.

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ESL One Spring 2015 Finals Recap

The ESL One Spring 2015 finals for Battlefield 4 have finally come to an end. There were a lot of great teams from Europe, Oceania and America, however the champion title was defended once again by Fnatic. [Link] [Cache]
(Published: 25.04.2015 00:19h):

The tough road ahead of Cloud 9

In this editorial piece, we will look at the future implications that a mid lane roster change could bring to one of North America’s finest. [Link] [Cache]
(Published: 24.04.2015 04:20h):

SK Heroes at Dreamhack Bucharest 2015

SK Heroes will be competing in the PGL Spring Champions of the Storm at Dreamhack Bucharest 2015 this weekend, 25-26th April. [Link] [Cache]
(Published: 24.04.2015 02:09h):

iGamerZ team to Quakecon 2015

News [Link] [Cache]
(Published: 23.04.2015 19:04h):

Numberguy at Dreamhack Bucharest 2015

Dreamhack Bucharest is coming up this weekend 24th-26th of April with $10,000 and 115 Hearthstone World Championship points up for grabs. Our very own Numberguy will be competing against the likes of Kolento, ek0p, Firebat and more. [Link] [Cache]
(Published: 22.04.2015 22:10h):

shaGuar to run CS tonight

The Canadian legend returns to Counter-Strike after almost a decade since retiring from the scene, although for one night only. [Link] [Cache]
(Published: 22.04.2015 20:10h):

EU LCS Final and Third Place Recap

Crowd favorites Fnatic and Uol faced off in the final while we battled H2k for a chance at third place. [Link] [Cache]
(Published: 22.04.2015 18:18h):

QUAKE LIVE Update 23 April 21 2015

News [Link] [Cache]
(Published: 22.04.2015 13:29h):

HoQ TDM Spring Season Round 1

News [Link] [Cache]
(Published: 22.04.2015 11:27h):

team pyton vs team fragmaster

News [Link] [Cache]
(Published: 22.04.2015 10:32h):

An Analysis of Blackrock Mountain’s Neutral Cards

An exploration of what the 13 new neutral cards will bring to the current game, how decks may be built around them and which classes could abuse them the most. If you enjoy theory-crafting – please join the discussion in the comments below! [Link] [Cache]
(Published: 21.04.2015 17:09h):

ESL Major League Season 2 Week 1 Overview

We take a look at the games played out in the first week of the ESL Major League Season 2. [Link] [Cache]
(Published: 21.04.2015 00:38h):

Site summary for week ending 17 Apr

News [Link] [Cache]
(Published: 20.04.2015 14:30h):

HoQ TDM Spring Season Groups

News [Link] [Cache]
(Published: 20.04.2015 04:10h):

125 FPS Sunday Cup 5

News [Link] [Cache]
(Published: 19.04.2015 06:53h):

N.A. QuakeLive DUEL CUP 8 April 2015

News [Link] [Cache]
(Published: 18.04.2015 10:45h):

CS:GO Update Sees New Case and Skin Collection

The latest update to Counter-Strike sees a new case, new knife finishes, new skins and minor bug fixes. [Link] [Cache]
(Published: 17.04.2015 22:31h):

ESL One Spring 2015 LAN this weekend!

The grand finals of the ESL One Battlefield 4 Spring season will take place this weekend in Cologne, Germany. [Link] [Cache]
(Published: 17.04.2015 15:54h):


News [Link] [Cache]
(Published: 17.04.2015 14:56h):

Broadcast Guide

Eight teams will be playing tonight in Dallas at the Global Finals of the eighteenth season of ESEA League. [Link] [Cache]
(Published: 17.04.2015 14:15h):

Kinguin for Charity with Numberguy

Kinguin are back with the next edition of their charity tournament and this time Numberguy is also taking a part in it. [Link] [Cache]
(Published: 16.04.2015 16:04h):

From South America to QuakeCon

News [Link] [Cache]
(Published: 16.04.2015 14:36h):

In Win release a new chasis

Our friends over at InWin add another product to their already diverse catalog. This time, it's the 503 Mid-Tower PC Chasis. [Link] [Cache]
(Published: 15.04.2015 21:01h):

FPSPulse Duel Draft League

News [Link] [Cache]
(Published: 15.04.2015 07:29h):

EU LCS Spring Semi-Finals Recap

The four best teams in Europe faced off for a spot in the finals. Favourites fell, underdogs rose and in the end, Fnatic is still in the finals. [Link] [Cache]
(Published: 14.04.2015 20:17h):

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