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Competitive Gaming News

Here is a list of the most recent competitive gaming news published by some of the best competitive gaming news sources.

Competitive Gaming News (1 - 25 of about 7997) (xml) (Feedlist)

RICKROLLERS Duel Cup 10th Edition

News [Link] [Cache]
(Published: 18.09.2014 07:13h):

Counter-Points with Semmler and ddk

The two commentators were the special guests of the third episode of Thorin's talk show. [Link] [Cache]
(Published: 17.09.2014 18:48h):

Official apology from SK Gaming

Without any dancing around the topic, we at SK Gaming want to release a statement regarding actions involving one of our players today. We want to sincerely apologise officially for our players actions and as an organisation to anyone who felt or feels offended. [Link] [Cache]
(Published: 17.09.2014 00:58h):

ESH One Night Wonders Preseason CA 2v2

News [Link] [Cache]
(Published: 16.09.2014 23:39h):

InWin launch D-Frame mini, Mini-ITX chassis

Our friends from InWin are staying busy as usual. Today they announced the launch of their two new products. [Link] [Cache]
(Published: 16.09.2014 16:58h):

Site summary for week ending 12 Sep

News [Link] [Cache]
(Published: 15.09.2014 12:30h):

Rovfuld A Quake Live Duel Movie

Movie [Link] [Cache]
(Published: 15.09.2014 08:00h):

Urban Terror 4.2.019 released

News [Link] [Cache]
(Published: 15.09.2014 05:47h):

Newborn Interview Reflex

Article [Link] [Cache]
(Published: 15.09.2014 03:50h):


News [Link] [Cache]
(Published: 13.09.2014 07:27h):

a CPM defrag movie

Movie [Link] [Cache]
(Published: 13.09.2014 07:27h):

125 FPS September League Group Stage 2

News [Link] [Cache]
(Published: 13.09.2014 07:26h):


News [Link] [Cache]
(Published: 12.09.2014 01:00h):

SK's LCS W11

The final week of the regular season was once again a super week filled with amazing matchups and last minute deciders. With SK fighting against the top two teams, this week was exciting for our fans too. [Link] [Cache]
(Published: 11.09.2014 19:52h):

300 Editing Competition Promo Video

News [Link] [Cache]
(Published: 11.09.2014 06:17h):


Decision day is about to hit for 6 LCS teams. One of those teams is Gambit and they will have to prove themselves against SK Prime. Want some information before you watch that delicious match-up? We got you! [Link] [Cache]
(Published: 10.09.2014 20:25h):

Dr Pepper Allstars with nRated

The Dr Pepper Allstar Tournament 2014 celebrated the Grand Final show during this years gamescom. Chris "nRated" Seitz and his DPAT team lined up against xPeke to determine the Dr Pepper Allstar Champion. Relive the show with this exclusive gamescom recap video! [Link] [Cache]
(Published: 09.09.2014 13:45h):


News [Link] [Cache]
(Published: 08.09.2014 13:56h):

125 FPS September League Group Stage 1

News [Link] [Cache]
(Published: 08.09.2014 13:56h):


News [Link] [Cache]
(Published: 08.09.2014 13:56h):

Site summary for week ending 05 Sep

News [Link] [Cache]
(Published: 08.09.2014 11:30h):

HoQ TDM Fall Season opens signups

News [Link] [Cache]
(Published: 07.09.2014 22:33h):


News [Link] [Cache]
(Published: 04.09.2014 05:11h):

Quake Live Top Plays Ep.3 Season 1

Movie [Link] [Cache]
(Published: 03.09.2014 13:32h):

CPM Masters 2014 in the makings

News [Link] [Cache]
(Published: 02.09.2014 07:02h):

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